Many of us have worked at UVM since before SAS was founded.  We have always enjoyed an ongoing relationship with the architects, engineers and facility staff at UVM and always maintain space and time in our schedule to address the changing needs of Vermont’s oldest and largest University.

Projects include the transformation of old-school dormitories into desirable Residence Halls that are LEED Silver Certified; landscape improvements at Royal Tyler Theatre, Waterman Building, Votey Hall, and the Pomeroy Building; renovation of Delahanty Hall at the Trinity Campus to house the Geology Museum, Geology and Anthropology Departments; renovations to distinctive spaces like the Given Bistro, Bailey Howe Library reception desk, and auditoriums at both the Fleming Museum and Williams Hall.  We are working closely with Historic Preservation to renovate and restore multiple buildings in the University Green Historic District such as Nicholson House, 109 South Prospect Street, Williams Hall, Old Mill, Lafayette Hall, Torrey Hall and Wheeler Barn.

We thrive on/enjoy the challenges inherent in projects that involve UVM’S iconic and historic buildings, but we are also work on the less-glamorous facility maintenance projects.  We are currently overseeing masonry restoration work at Old Mill, which is a project that Marty and Steve accomplished while they were partners at Northern Architects.

Currently on the boards are numerous studies evaluating the potential uses for Torrey Hall as well as the design of an addition that will provide an accessible main entrance and Code-required egress to the historic structure.

A major redesign of the landscape between the Admissions Barn, Wadhams House, and Pomeroy Building is currently under construction and will form part of a walking tour through the UVM campus for prospective students.

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Location: Burlington, Vermont

Date Completed: Ongoing

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